MaggieNow Design Handcrafted Jewelry

For my sister Leslie's birthday, I asked her to name any piece of jewelry she'd like me to make for her. Her immediate response: "the pin with the pearl." Here it is! Happy Birthday to my best friend and sister!

Here's a line of pins created for "Loom With A View" a weaving shop owned by my friend Betsy in Newburyport, MA

Three Bezels pin -- the center is a disc cut from a malachite stalagmite.

Green stone (?) bezel stamped, with citrine drops.

Agate bezel stamped, with moonstone drops.

Corrugated silver and amazonite

Silver with boro beads

Silver box with pearl

Copper leaf with Bali bead

Copper with amazonite, turquoise and green jade

Stamped copper with fused silver overlay

Copper with variscite and carnelian