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Maggie's Metalsmithing Classes

Riverwalk Bead Shop and Gallery

57 Main St., Amesbury, MA.

Examples of class projects:

Textured links bracelet.

Layered pendant

Riveted cuff

Layered earrings

Samples of recent student work:

October 2010 Ring Making Workshop at the Riverwalk Beadshop and Gallery, Amesbury, MA

MaryJo Griffin's ring. The stone was locally mined in Newbury MA! Isn't it lovely? MaryJo is a very talented jewelry artist and friend who recently took the ringmaking class, and this is very much her style.

Carol Cavallaro is another very talented chain maille artist and friend who took the class. She created this lovely amazonite shield ring in class. Check out Carol's chain maille classes at the Riverwalk Bead Shop.

Fall semester, 2009 at North Shore Community College

Jewelry and Metalsmithing: Introduction

The cuffs were completed at the last class. All of the students became very proficient with the tools after six weeks!

Christine Cellucci's Cuff

                             Anne Brissette's Cuff

Anne forms her cuff with a bracelet mandrel. Christine prepares to rivet.

Kathy McDonald used three metals in her cuff, and only one rivet! 

Kathy uses the drill.

Here's Laurie Toomey filing a piece of metal. She got really nice colors with the torch.

Natacha Miller uses flame to put the final touch on her cuff. Beautiful!

Nora Bourgoin's elegant cuff.

From the September class at NSCC:

Two pendants by Michelle Ambler

Angel Pendant and Riveted Sun Cuff

by Paula Raftopoulous