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Heirloom Photo Pendants

Muriel and Shirley -- This is my mom and her cousin, circa 1940.

AuntThelma and Uncle Paul, circa 1940 on their wedding day. Thelma is 91 and still going strong!

For her 90th birthday, I gave my Aunt Thelma a pendant like this one, with a photo of her parents (my grandparents) wedding picture. She loved it! So did her daughters, and my sister, and sisters-in-law, etc.etc...All of a sudden, everyone wants one of these with their favorite ancestor photo. Then, her son Peter had me make three of the pendants you see above for his sisters. This is a photo of their parents, Aunt Thelma and Uncle Paul, on their wedding day.

The copper is treated with a verdigris patina, and then I put on several coats of clear acrylic which seals everything from the elements.

Send me your family photo by email in jpeg format. Since each of these are made by hand, please allow at least two weeks for delivery. Your original photo will be returned with your order.  $129 plus shipping.