MaggieNow Design Handcrafted Jewelry

Bracelets, Cuffs and Bangles

For a custom fit, please email me your wrist measurement when you place your order. Place measuring tape so that it slides comfortably over bony part of the wrist.

Mixed Metal Cross Cuff -- A band of silver is crossed with textured brass and stamped copper. Copper is heat treated for a rainbow patina. Sold. Custom orders available. 

Eclectic Mix Silver Bracelet - Silver elements combine with beautiful blue borosilicate beads and kyanite.

Very elegant! $159 plus shipping and handling.


    Copper Eclectic Mix -- Same idea, only constructed

     with copper elements. Boro bead, lampwork discs,

and a large laborodite bead. $129 plus shipping and handling.

"Dance" Bangle --
It says: "Dance as if no one is watching." And so you must...Sold   Custom orders available.

Naga Shell Spiral Bracelet --  Beautiful Naga shell beads are surrounded by swirls of silver. $129 plus shipping and handling.

Blue Pottery Spiral Bracelet Sterling silver wraps around vivid blue pottery beads. A handmade clasp finishes off this bracelet in elegant style! Adjustable.  Sold

Bangle a la Silver
A handmade coiled focal bead a la Sharilyn Miller, is the centerpiece of this Connie Fox inspired bangle. $129 plus shipping and handling.

Turquoise Pottery Heart Bangle
A gorgeous assymetrical look with beads from a local potter, a handmade coil and twist beads and a Hill Tribe heart. $129 plus shipping and handling. Sold. Similar bracelet available.