MaggieNow Design Handcrafted Jewelry

This is me, summer of 2006, vacationing  in the Sawtooth Mountains, near Stanley, Idaho. I'm standing at the top of Galena Pass, which overlooks the Payette River Valley.

Life is process, which is also true of the art of jewelry making.  The joy of it all is in the discoveries that happens at the bench, often something of a miracle. I never know exactly where the germ of an idea will take me when I begin. My job is to show up, and let my muse take over.


It's a busy life: We run an organic CSA farm in Rowley, Mass., which keeps me right out straight from May to October. The other half of the year, I work full-tim as a jewelry artist and teacher. I find it is essential to carve out time in a very busy schedule to work in my home studio. It keeps me sane.

My workspace in a rare moment of cleanliness. Usually it's a much more chaotic and creative mess! I've since added a soldering setup, and a Little Torch setup with propane and oxygen.

I'd love to hear from you. Please email me with your thoughts!