MaggieNow Design Handcrafted Jewelry

My Bliss.. creating jewelry that looks as good at the office, as it does with your favorite jeans and leather jacket! 


Everything I make is one-of-a-kind -- made in my home workshop, using sterling silver, copper, bronze, brass, gemstones, and lampwork glass. New skills and techniques continually show up in my work along the road to discovery.

It has also become my passion to teach metalworking, helping others get in touch with their "inner artist." The collaborative exploration with my students creates synergy, and a fertile environment for growth not only in the student but also the teacher! Sharing what I've learned in a hands-on classroom, benefits my own work. When explaining a task that has become automatic, I'm forced to slow down and think about my work in new ways.  I've discovered it's true what they say: "nothing is new under the sun." The techniques we're learning have been shared across the millennia, passed on by generous artisans and teachers, and here, some of them appear under my hands.

Thanks for looking, and please, I'd love to hear from you!

...As I continue to grow in my craft, I have to thank the many teachers I've found, in person, in print and on the web, all artists in all mediums who generously share their knowledge. 

Wholesale pricing available. Please contact me for more information.